Glera Frizzante is a sparkling white which uses the glera (prosecco) grape.   This wine is fruity, smooth and a little bit aromatic.

You may be wondering why we can't refer to the fizz in the tap as being "Prosecco" and this is the reasoning why.  The distinction below has no influence on the quality or authenticity of the delicious sparkling wine inside.

The Prosecco Directive: 

Glera Frizzente is made 100% from the Prosecco/Glera grape, produced in the Veneto region following the strictest controls associated with all Prosecco wine. It is available in 75cl bottles and 20L kegs. While both formats contain the exact same Prosecco wine, it was stipulated that only the 75cl bottle could carry the ‘Prosecco' label, whilst kegs would be known by the Roman name of the Prosecco grape, ‘Glera'. 

Why should we hire a Prosecco Van I hear you say?

Well, how can you resist?  Prosecco is bang on trend right now and what better way to have it served than out of a purposely made pretty little van.  You do of course have the option to purchase bottles and place them on your tables for your guests but imagine them being served a nice chilled glass of fizz from our van.  Pia (the name we have decided to give the van) is rather beautiful even if we do say so ourselves and is sure to be a much welcomed addition to any event.